Hello, I Joined Element 6 Technologies as an intern. I got to Know about Element 6 Technologies through Linked in. I joined here on Dec 11 2018 it was valuable opportunity for me to work here. I gained Catia and Domain Knowledge by due to Learning environment which is in Element6. And training coordinators are doing best in training the interns by conducting daily session in which we get to know the real time industrial aspect. And also, the mentors give us industrial projects which are helpful for us to gain more Knowledge in depth of industrial aspects.
Element 6 Technologies not only give the Guidance of Technical but also the life aspects like positive energy put up, soft kills and professional Behaviour. Special mention about our mentors Enamul Hasan and Vinoth sir; without them this opportunity was not possible.
This is a great start up for my career. There is a lot more to come in association with Element 6 Technologies. I hope ever one join this well-versed institute, utilize all the resources given and have greater opportunity.